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A Guru gives everything that we need

A Guru gives everything that we need

Recorded on: 23 Jul 2023

Evening satsang from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.

The story of Krishna and Vidura's wife. Explanation and sing of bhajan Prabhu Prema Bina Nahi Ave. Strilky Ashram is a heaven on earth. We should know what Guru really means. Our biggest problems are our ego and jealousy. The real Guru mantra can liberate our minds. Our yoga name helps us to go towards our aims. We have to do seva (selfless service) in order to get the blessing. Miracles can happen to each of us. Karma is happening to every country. Yoga has become an industry in the world. There are some institutes which want to control yoga and ayurveda also. It should create a universal benchmark for yoga and ayurveda. In Britain, many people can legally use yoga and ayurveda as medicine. Bhajan explanation and singing Prabhu Mere Avaguna Chita Na Caro.

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