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Building of the camp at Kumbha Mela 2010

Building of the camp at Kumbha Mela 2010

Recorded on: 11 Feb 2010

It is one of the miracles and great experiences of Kumbh Mela to see the transformation that comes over the Mela area in the weeks before the start of the Kumbh.

On the 21st of January, barely 10 days before the start of the Kumbh, the area on which now stands a tent city accomodating millions of people was nothing but some beautiful empty fields spreading out through the streams of Mother Ganga. Day by day the development of the whole area moved at such a speed as the fields filled with tents, colour and noise to become the wonder of the world which is Maha Kumbh Mela. Preparations of our camp where especially urgent in the days leading up to Swamiji's arrival and the groups of devotees that came with Him. Through Swamiji's guidance and practical knowledge adjustments and changes where made to the camp to bring it to it's present form, a temporary sanctuary from the elements for doing sadhana and experiencing the joys of His satsang and Maha Kumbh Mela.

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