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Marriage has its proper time and order

14:00 - 15:39|Recorded on 17 Sep 2022
Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Sydney Ashram, Australia. Bhajan singing and explanation. Swami Jasraj Puri introduces our Masters and our parampara and their Ashrams and that territory of India. Indian people know very many bhajans. There are many languages in India In India everything has its proper time. Marriage also has its proper time. In India, a boy and a girl should marry only if the family and a pandit also agreed with that. If you married in a church you should be faithful your whole life to your partner. Nowadays many people leave their partner and it brings many problems for children. The story of a boy and a girl who loved each other but they had a problem with the bread. Practising some simple exercises and bhramari pranayama.

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Gurudev is for all of us

15:45 - 16:06 | From: 16 Jan 2022
Evening Satsang with Vishwaguruji from Vienna, Austria. We should be polite with our yoga sisters and brothers who come to the Ashram from a far distance. We should bring harmony to people who are not in peace.

Bhramari pranayama

16:10 - 16:58 | From: 17 Sep 2022
Morning program with Vishwaguruji from Sydney Ashram, Australia.

We should feel that we are one

17:05 - 18:08 | From: 4 Oct 2021
Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Rijeka, Croatia. Atma is everywhere and always with us. We came to this world to do good things and be in oneness. Many of us understand it and many don't. Bhajan singing Sadhana Cyara. The story of goats and a tiger baby.Bhajan singing Sri guru Atma Paramatma. In our hearts, we know that we are one and go to the supreme. Practising ashwini mudra, Om chanting and bhramari pranayama.

Don't kill and don't eat meat

18:15 - 19:01 | From: 13 Sep 2022
Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Launceston. Tasmania, Australia. We can become really human if we don't kill any creatures. Ant and elephant are different only in their bodies. Many years ago people generally didn't eat meat not like now. In China, people eat cats and they kill them very cruelly. Be peaceful and happy eating good but not meat and eggs. We should say every morning that "I am human" and we should feel the greatness of our Earth and water. The story of a blind man in a room that had only one door. Singing and explaining the bhajan Prabhu mere avaguna cit na dharo.

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Bhramari pranayama

16:10 - 16:58 | From 17 Sep 2022
Morning program with Vishwaguruji from Sydney Ashram, Australia.

Do not eat meat, eggs and alcohol!

19:05 - 19:54 | From 16 Sep 2022
Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Sydney Ashram, Australia. My disciples eat no meat and no eggs. The birds make a beautiful nest that even a strong wind cannot blow down from the tree. The birds multiply by eggs, which take several days to hatch. The mother knows she has had a baby. Living things eat each other, but that's not man's purpose. The harmful effects of drinking alcohol. Marriage should last forever, in complete unity. Unfortunately, this is not how people live today.

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