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Kundalini, chakras, and consciousness

16:35 - 17:36|Recorded on 2 Apr 2019
Morning satsang with Vishwaguruji from Garrison, NY, USA. There are chakras in every creature, the net of the nerves is present in the whole body. Our skin has information about the organs. The spirituality is one, Om is present in every religion, language is the difference. The vibration plays an important role at the beginning of the Universe, it is present everywhere today as well.

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Searching for Brahmaloka

17:40 - 18:38 | From: 14 Apr 2017
Satsang with Vishwaguru Maheshwarananda, Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.

Satsang from Garrison

18:45 - 19:59 | From: 4 Apr 2019
Evening satsang from Garrison, NY, USA.

Utilizing the Vajra Nadi

20:05 - 21:00 | From: 8 Mar 2019
Morning Satsang with Vishwaguruji from Wellington, New Zealand. Vajra Nadi is balancing the main nerves in our body. For this, we need to have a strong trunk. We have to practice. Vajra Nadi starts between the big toe and second toe. The way how to control the Manipur Chakra.

How universe reflects in the human body

21:05 - 22:26 | From: 3 Apr 2019
Morning satsang with Vishwaguruji from Garrison, NY, USA. The roots of our nerves and glands are in our foot soles. The energy of the Sun arrives directly to the earth. Go every day for some minutes on the earth without shoes and socks. Moon has silver nature. Islam people do their prayer always turning towards the Moon. Anahata chakra is like the horizon. Sometimes we see something on the horizon which is not in that. The first element is the space. The sound of the Sun is AUM. Siva is the creator, the protector and the liberator. Animals have ignorance but the same Atma as humans. The soul has no gender. Visnu is the protector of all the universe. Brahma was the creator. Certain spices can save our body from deceases. The spices have its quantity

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Satsang from Garrison

18:45 - 19:59 | From 4 Apr 2019
Evening satsang from Garrison, NY, USA.

Satsang from Garrison

3:15 - 4:29 | From 4 Apr 2019
Evening satsang from Garrison, NY, USA.

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From 9 Mar 2019
Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Wellington Ashram, New Zealand. Meditation on the subtle body.

Practicing with Kundalini

From 17 Feb 2019
Morning satsang with Vishwaguruji from Melbourne, Australia. Chanting AUM and practicing meditation. If you practice kundalini it will lasts for many years. It is very harmonious, balanced, you are going into your inner space. Any vibrations or movements are psychological problems. In kundalini sadhana there are three levels. We should take the sadhana seriously. The seat of Ganesha is in the Muladhara Chakra. The elephant represents strength. God is something beautiful, 'Gan' means God, it is good for everything.

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