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Yoga seminar in Vep, december 2008 (1/4)

Evening satsang with from weekend yoga seminar in Vep, Hungary from 5th december 2008.Sadhvi Shanti gives short summary of her pilgrimage to Himalayas and meeting with Sri Alakh Puri Ji.
Price: 7.80€

God needs only Love

Satsang from Vep, Hungary
Price: 4.36€

Life in the astral world

Satsang from Vep, Hungary in July 2005.
Price: 4.76€

Yoga Vedanta

Satsang from Debrecen, Hungary in March 2007.
Price: 4.99€

Love is life

Satsang from Vep, Hungary
Price: 4.09€

Simple living and higher thinking

Satsang from Summer Seminar in Vep, Hungary in July 2007.
Price: 4.77€

Yoga gives Hapiness to Body, Mind and Soul

Satsang from Vep, Hungary in December 2004.
Price: 8.28€

Yoga Vedanta

Lecture from Debrecen, HU.
Price: 2.88€

Practice faithfully

Satsang, Vep, Hungary, February 2005. … read more »
Price: 2.59€

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