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You are Infinite, Pula

Public Lecture, Pula, Croatia, 2004
Price: 9.66€

Divine knowledge

Johannesburg, South Africa in September 2004.Followed by "YIDL Lineage", "Unity in diversity". "Kundalini and Chakras". Finally follows a Lecture about Yoga Nidra followed by Awakening of the Healing powers.
Price: 11.03€

Kundalini and chakras

Two satsangs from Johannesburg, South Africa in September 2004.Both satsangs are preceded with Unity in diversity and Kundalini and Chakras. The second part includes "The nadis", "The chakras", "The consciousness - Chitta", "The mind - Mana". The first part includes "The 5 Koshas", "The … read more »
Price: 14.33€

Development of consciousness

"Unity in diversity", "Kundalini and Chakras", followed by bhajan: "Guru Sa Bina, Karaja Nay Sare", followed by "Development of consciousness" from Melbourne, Australia, March 2004 in two parts.
Price: 11.67€

World Peace Summit, Bratislava

The World Peace Summit held in Bratislava in 2007.The Summit was organized by Sri Madhavananda World Peace Council.
Price: 4.81€

Lecture followed by guided meditation

Satsang from Australia in March 2005 with guided meditation.
Price: 10.02€

Yoga is a science

Australia, March 2005.Satsang.
Price: 7.98€

The modern technology is already in the Vedas

Australia, March 2005.Satsang.
Price: 7.53€

Gurudev can make the impossible possible

Satsang from March 2005 in Australia
Price: 4.09€

The living heart of God

In Memory of His Holines Hindu Dharmasamrat Paramhansa Swami Madhavananda Puri.
Price: 2.16€

In the service of Life

India, Summer 2005.Report about the Swamijis activities.
Price: 4.47€

The Glory of Gurudeva's Name

Satsang lecture recorded in Bari Khatu Ashram, India about the value of the Guru and his name.The satsang is given by Hindu Dharmasamrat Paramhans Swami Madhavananda Puriji Maharaj.
Price: 1.96€

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