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Swamiji in Sliac, 5th April 2007
Price: 5.11€


Swamiji in Sliac, 10th April 2007
Price: 3.93€


Swamiji in Sliac
Price: 1.64€

Purnima satsang

Swamiji in Sliac.
Price: 5.46€


Swamiji in Sliac, 4th April 2007
Price: 4.33€


Swamiji in Sliac, 3rd April 2007.
Price: 4.16€

The hidden powers in humans - Muladhar Chakra

Lecture from 1st of April 2005 from Sunshine Coast, Australia.
Price: 5.79€

The hidden powers in humans - Nadis

Lecture from 1st of April 2005 from Sunshine Coast, Australia.
Price: 3.10€

The hidden powers in humans - Mind, Nadis and Chakras

Lecture from Sunshine coast, Austriala on 31st of March 2005
Price: 4.57€

The hidden powers in humans - The begining

Lecture from 31st of March 2005 from Sunshine Coast, Australia.
Price: 3.14€

For bhakta nothing is impossible

Satsang in Strilky (CZ) in November 2004.Swamiji talks about Rama.
Price: 4.53€

Muladhara chakra. Part one.

Lecture from Brisbane, 30th March 2005
Price: 3.21€

Muladhara chakra. Part two.

Lecture from Brisbane, 30th March 2005
Price: 2.56€

Yoga Vedanta

Lecture from Debrecen, HU.
Price: 2.88€

Mind and chakras

Lecture from Brisbane, 29th March 2005.
Price: 2.53€

In the begining

Lecture from Brisbane 29th of March 2005.
Price: 2.89€

Journey of the soul, Perth, Australia

Perth, 27th of March 2004.Journey of the Soul.
Price: 2.01€
Price: 2.64€

20 years of Yoga in Daily Life in Slovenia

Yoga In Daily Life has been present in Slovenia for 20 years.
Price: 0.94€

In the dream of awakening

India, Winter 2004/2005.Report about the winter tour of Swamiji in India.
Price: 7.13€

Destiny is very mysterious

Satsang from Prague, Czech Republic, October 2005
Price: 4.26€

Yoga burns away karma

Satsang from Strilky, Czech Republic in August 2005.
Price: 4.53€

Gurudev fulfills positive sankalpas of bhaktas

Satsang from Strilky, Czech Republic, March 2005
Price: 4.59€

Purity in daily life

Satsang recorded in March 2004 in Perth Australia.
Price: 1.74€

Spirituality in daily life

Satsang from Perth, Australia in March 2004.
Price: 2.65€

Healing powers within the body

Satsangs form Perth, Australia in March 2004.Includes "Healing power within the body","Prayer for the day" and "Svadhisthana chakra".
Price: 5.31€

The hidden powers in humans - Nadis (1/2)

Sunshine Coast, Australia, April 2005
Price: 3.11€

Meditation is the way (1/2)

Meditation is the blessing of Lord Shiva.Part one Satsang from Sydney, Australia in March 2004.
Price: 3.08€

Meditation is the way (2/2)

Your true nature is the cosmic Self.Satsang from Sydney in March 2004.
Price: 2.62€


Satsang from Brisbane, Australia, March 2004
Price: 4.69€

Giving will open your blocks

Satsang from Kranj, Slovenija
Price: 3.74€

Svadhisthan chakra, Ljubljana

Public lecture about Svadhisthan chakra in Ljubljana, Slovenija in February 2005.
Price: 11.45€

Kundalini, prana, nadis and chakras

Two satsangs from Perth, Australia, March 2004 (kundalini, prana, nadis and chakras).
Price: 5.20€

Yoga in Daily Life Lineage

The guru lineage of Yoga in Daily Life.Presentation of YIDL.
Price: 2.47€

Unity in Diversity

Introduction to the work of Yoga In Daily Life.
Price: 1.32€

Chakras and Kundalini

Excerpts from the book, the Hidden Power in Humans.
Price: 0.59€

Kundalini and Chakras

Two satsangs from Johannesburg, South Africa in September 2004.The second part includes "The nadis", "The chakras", "The consciousness - Chitta", "The mind - Mana". The first part includes "The 5 Koshas", "The 10 Indrias", "The Mind", "The Nadis".
Price: 9.95€

Guruji in India in the 1990's

Sri Madhavananda in India in the 1990's (meditating, singing bhajans and talking about spirituality).
Price: 4.86€

Anahat Chakra

Public lecture about Anahat chakra in Zagreb Croatia in April 2007.
Price: 11.55€

Traveling with Swamiji (5/5)

Indian temples and ashrams.
Price: 0.56€

Traveling with Swamiji (4/5)

Getting ready for Kumbha mela 2007 in Illahabad.The greatest spiritual festival.
Price: 0.53€

The truth is beauty

Satsang from Kranj, Slovenija, February 2005
Price: 4.09€

Kundalini and destiny

Satsang from Kranj, Slovenija in February 2005.
Price: 5.02€

Practice faithfully

Satsang, Vep, Hungary, February 2005. … read more »
Price: 2.59€

Different categories of chakras

Satsang about chakras from Umag, Croatia in September 2004.
Price: 3.21€

Traveling with Swamiji (3/5)

On a visit to some very special horses in India.
Price: 0.48€

Traveling with Swamiji (2/5)

Swamiji visits Croatia for 6 days in May 2006.
Price: 1.19€

Traveling with Swamiji (1/5)

Second International conference of ancient traditions and cultures.Organized by Indian government and with participants from 40 countries.
Price: 0.75€

Vedic Marriage

Videos from the Vedic Marriage by two young Europeans who decided to get married by the rules of the Vedic tradition
Price: 1.04€

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