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Nada yoga and bindhu chakra (2/4)

Morning satsang from the weekend Yoga seminar in Strilky, Czech Republic on the 29th November 2008.
Price: 7.86€

Opening ceremony of Ashram in Bratislava

Opening ceremony of Ashram in Bratislava, Slovakia with many guests taking part, namely H.H. Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, mayor of the Bratislava-Petrzalka Mr. Milan Ftacnik, the Indian ambassador in Slovakia H.E. Mrs. Homai Saha and others.
Price: 3.62€

The Youth for Sustainable Future

The 4th International Conference of Children and Youth in Zlin 2005 (CZ), The Youth for Sustainable Future.
Price: 3.43€

Mental food

Swamiji in Sliac, April 2007
Price: 11.85€

Repeat the mantra

Swamiji in Sliac, 9th April 2007
Price: 6.36€


Swamiji in Sliac, 7th April 2007
Price: 5.15€

N- needs editing-Ayurveda

Swamiji in Sliac, 12th April 2007
Price: 4.29€

Your Body Should Not Be a Coffin

Lecture from Strilky (CZ) in November 2004.
Price: 3.99€


Swamiji in Sliac, 5th April 2007
Price: 5.11€


Swamiji in Sliac, 10th April 2007
Price: 3.93€


Swamiji in Sliac
Price: 1.64€

Purnima satsang

Swamiji in Sliac.
Price: 5.46€


Swamiji in Sliac, 4th April 2007
Price: 4.33€


Swamiji in Sliac, 3rd April 2007.
Price: 4.16€

For bhakta nothing is impossible

Satsang in Strilky (CZ) in November 2004.Swamiji talks about Rama.
Price: 4.53€

Destiny is very mysterious

Satsang from Prague, Czech Republic, October 2005
Price: 4.26€

Yoga burns away karma

Satsang from Strilky, Czech Republic in August 2005.
Price: 4.53€

Gurudev fulfills positive sankalpas of bhaktas

Satsang from Strilky, Czech Republic, March 2005
Price: 4.59€

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