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Astrology is the third eye of God

Evening Satsang with H.H. Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda Puri Ji Maharaj from Strilky Ahsram, Czech Republic. According to astrology, Moon has got a great effect on the Earth. It is very hard to calculate exactly the time of … read more »
Price: 4.50€

Sadhana leads to inner development

Morning Satsang with H.H. Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda Puri Ji Maharaj from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic. Gurudev explains the meaning of retreat, seminar and sadhana which leads us to inner development.
Price: 7.19€

God Is One

Evening Satsang with H.H.Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda Puri Ji Maharaj from Strilky Ahsram, Czech Republic. Human life is divine, if we understand its meaning. It is very important to go to good company, satsang. Lucky are they, who … read more »
Price: 4.73€

Yoga for Eyes (1/2)

Yoga for Eyes from Czech Republic
Price: 4.90€

Yoga for Eyes (2/2)

Yoga for Eyes from Czech Republic
Price: 4.29€

Success in Life Comes Through Self-Discipline

Morning Satsang from Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic Swamiji emphasizes the importance of discipline, fasting and mauna.Mauna is the practice of silence. The observation of silence is not just limited to the restriction of speech, but it is also about reducing and restricting sensory input and stimulation of the mind. It is … read more »
Price: 4.71€

Science Of Life

Satsang from Strilky Ashram CZ.Practising Yoga and Ayurveda and taking good nourishment are very important for our health - a healthy mind and healthy spirit. God gave us the Science of Life free of charge. If we deny and misuse … read more »
Price: 6.05€

Balancing and Harmonizing

Satsang from Strilky Ashram CZ.All spiritual teaching, mantras and yantras are the creation of Lord Shiva. He brought us the Way. The negative and positive needs to be balanced; it is possible through the strength and power of Shiva consciousness. … read more »
Price: 6.38€

Mahapralaya May Come

Satsang from Strilky Ashram CZ.Time makes no differences. We count in years but in reality there is no time. Beyond time and space there is only consciousness. Divine Shiva consciousness. The cycles of time are counted as Yugas. Yuga in … read more »
Price: 7.52€

Life Is Given To Reach Our Spiritual Goal

Morning Satsang with Swamiji from Strilky, Czech Republic.Life is given us to reach our spiritual aim. Our days are counted. We hope life will be long, but in this world everything is changing, and we don't know the future. We should take the … read more »
Price: 6.21€

Divine Incarnations Are With Us

Satsang with Swamiji for Mahaprabhu Deep Ashram, Czech Republic.Time to time the divine light incarnates on this Earth. The rear bhaktas are they who realize what is Gurudev, others are not. Divine qualities are there in many saints living in this Earth. Their life … read more »
Price: 9.19€

Seva Means Selfless Service

Weekend from Mahaprabhu Deep Ashram, Strilky, Czech Republic.Swamiji speaks about our weeknesses. We are not able to deal with them, altough some of us are practicing Yoga In Daily Life many years. First of them is proper eating. Swamiji also explains meaning and … read more »
Price: 5.54€

Sab Kuch Deve Data

Sri Mahapraphuji passed away 50 years ago, but His form is present in our hearts.His existence is beyond the limits of time and space. I am there, where my bhaktas are calling me - says Krishna. Swamiji explains the meaning of bhajan written by Holy Guruji to his beloved master.
Price: 6.21€

Satsang From Bratislava

Satsang With Swamiji From Bratislava Ashram, Slovakia
Price: 5.19€

Yoga For Women's Health

Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia.Prevention is much better than treatment. Yoga can also be practiced as a prevention. Dr. Arati gives practical advice and explanations about specific Yoga exercises which promote the prevention of illness and are very supportive for … read more »
Price: 5.71€

Take Care Of Your Body

Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia.There can be many reasons why we are ill and many things we can do for our health. Not only on the physical level, but on spiritual and energy levels too. There are certain things which … read more »
Price: 5.20€

The Reason Of Diseases

Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia.An explanation in detail about the cause and how diseases arise. It takes its time but after a while it will affect our physical and mental health. What can we do to stay healthy and to … read more »
Price: 4.14€

Your Health Is In Your Hands

Spisska Nova Ves, Slovakia.What do we need in our life? Today, in our modern way of living, we have more then we need, but we are not happy. Swamiji speaks about the three principles for a good health and … read more »
Price: 4.89€

Children's Program From Strilky

Children's program.Evening Satsang from summer seminar in Strilky
Price: 5.77€

We Have To Prepare The Field

Summer seminar in Strilky.A farmer got a land. On that land there were many thorny bushes. First he had to remove them. Then he saw that there were many small rocks inside, so he had to dig them out. … read more »
Price: 5.24€

Om Gam Ganeshaya Namaha

Summer seminar in Strilky.It is not a belief but a fact, that in the atmosphere, in the subtle worlds there are certain energies. If we remember them, their energy is directing to us. Wednesday is the day of Lord … read more »
Price: 4.00€

We Should Have Practical Knowledge

Summer seminar in Strilky.Only one or two generations ago, people were not so much specialized or experts in only one single task but they were real all-rounder. One could do any kind of work. There were many changes and … read more »
Price: 3.98€

Every Existence Is OM

Summer seminar in Strilky with Swami Gajanand.In the Mandukya Upanishad it is said: OM is this imperishable Word. OM is the Universe, and this is the exposition of OM. The past, the present and the future, all that was, all that is, … read more »
Price: 11.72€

Recharging Energy

Summer seminar in Strilky Coming into the ashram means recharging energy and to continue the spiritual path.More spiritual energy means more spiritual development. Nowadays there are many disturbances in this world. In every country and every society the people are suffering. In Kali Yuga there is only one hope and one protection: … read more »
Price: 4.54€

Devanagari Alphabet

Summer seminar in Strilky with Sadhvi Parvati.Devanagari is a script, which is most commonly used to publish sacred Sanskrit texts. It is believed that the script came from the City of the Gods. Thus expresses that it was not of human origin. … read more »
Price: 7.88€

The Form Of God Is Sound

Summer seminar in Strilky with Swami Gajanand.Nada Yoga. Sound or vibration is the form of God. Mantra is a vibration and was already there before we got it from the master. The name of God is the essence of the mantra.
Price: 8.98€

Creation Through OM

Summer seminar in Strilky.The sound OM is the origin. Everything had begun with OM. Swamiji talks in detail of the symbols, their meanings, the manifestation of Shiva and the appearance of 12 Jyotirlings during the creation of the planet … read more »
Price: 4.66€

We All Together Care

Summer seminar in Strilky.In past times, Yogis have lived near the water.Water is life and one could drink the water from everywhere. All the water was natural and very clean. Not only this but many other things in nature … read more »
Price: 6.25€

Self- Realization Is A Very High Level

Summer seminar in Strilky Ashram.Everything is within ourselves. Obstacles are on our path like a big rock. We ourselves are that rock and sometimes we cannot remove. This would not happen if we would have Brahma gyana. Self-realization is just … read more »
Price: 5.51€

Gayatri Mantra

Summer seminar in Strilky Ashram.The Gayatri mantra is one of the oldest and most powerful of Sanskrit mantras. It is also called the mother of the Vedas because it is the very basis of the Vedas. It is the basis, … read more »
Price: 5.12€

Curtain Of Ignorance

Removing ignorance is called avaran.Avaran is a layer on our consciousness and means blindness, darkness. An obstacle which is like a curtain and it needs to be removed. How to remove? The only way is knowledge. Until it is not … read more »
Price: 5.10€

Sadhana Means Period Of Practice

Sadhana is the dedicated time we practice.Meditation only is not enough. As long as our body is living, we can do our sadhana. We should be healthy, therefore we need to take care of our nourishment, doing asanas and pranayamas. Gentle movements … read more »
Price: 6.04€

Controlling the Activities Of The Mind

Morning lecture from summer seminar in Strilky Ashram.All the mental activities of the mind are called vrittis.There are different categories of vrittis. They may be either painful or non-painful, called klishta or aklishta, disturbances of the mind or a peaceful state of the … read more »
Price: 5.56€

Self Realization Is Not The End

Morning lecture from summer seminar in Strilky Ashram.All the mental activities of the mind are called vrittis.There are different categories of vrittis. They may be either painful or non-painful, called klishta or aklishta, disturbances of the mind or a peaceful state of the … read more »
Price: 5.65€

Appearing Of Jyotirlingam

Morning lecture from summer seminar in Strilky Ashram.Jyotirlinga are shrines where Lord Shiva is worshiped in the form of a Jyotirlingam. There are twelve traditional Jyotirlinga shrines in India and Dwardash Jyotirlinga is the embodiment of all 12 Jyotirlingam found in India. Swamiji … read more »
Price: 4.89€

Sataguru Jaga Me Aya Mera

Swami Gajanand sings Bhajan of Sri Mahaprabhuji.
Price: 1.11€

Bhajans Contain A Great Teaching

Morning lecture from Strilky ashram with Swami Gajanand.Classical Yoga techniques are not man made, they are coming from a divine source. Bhajans are not only spiritual songs, they contain the teaching of self - realized masters and are counted to higher Yoga practices. … read more »
Price: 9.78€

Invisible Guru Teaching

Evening Satsang from Strilky ashram.Sadhvi Savitri shares her own experience when she met Swamiji for the first time.
Price: 5.65€

Sanskrit Is A Divine Language

Morning lecture from Strilky ashram with Sadhvi Parvati.Sanskrit is not just a language. It expresses the creative power of the universe. Sanskrit is the main language of the mantras. Mantras are a blessing and their vibration have a calming and healing effect on … read more »
Price: 7.18€

Pain Of Separation Is A Driving Force

Evening satsang from Strilky Ashram with Swami Premanand.Pain belongs to life and it seems that life is covered by pain and suffering in many forms. We are not satisfied and that is the driving force to look deeper and we find the pain … read more »
Price: 3.41€

Tapasya Is A Way To Purification

Evening Satsang from Strilky Ashram with Swami Gajanand.In the ancient scriptures of Hinduism, holy men, women and heroes undertake tapas to obtain a spiritual goal of realization or salvation. Tapasya refers to a personal endeavor of discipline, undertaken to achieve a certain goal. … read more »
Price: 4.18€


Yoga in Daily Life summer seminar, Strilky CZ.There are different states and levels of Samadhi. Nindra Samadhi, the sleep, Laya Samadhi, trance, Dhyana Samadhi, meditation and Turiya Samadhi, which is divided in two levels, in Sabija Samadhi and Nirbija Samadhi. In Sabija Samadhi … read more »
Price: 6.35€

Three Kinds Of Sadhana

Yoga in Daily Life summer seminar, Strilky CZ.Sadhana is good to do with the group. We have three different kinds of sadhana. First are the summer retreats where we recharge our energy, our pranashakti and we let the peace enter into body and … read more »
Price: 2.78€

Children Program

Yoga in Daily Life summer seminar, Strilky CZ.Children group performs bhajans, mantras and play stories from the Lila Amrit.
Price: 9.13€

Ayurveda and Yoga Goes Hand In Hand

Yoga in Daily Life summer seminar, Strilky CZ.Lecture of Muktamani, Vienna, about Ayurveda with particular focus on healthy nourishment. Swamiji: Ayurveda and yoga goes together. Our yoga practice will not be successful if we do not eat according to Ayurvedic principles. On the … read more »
Price: 3.60€

Knowledge Is Our Best Wealth

Yoga in Daily Life summer seminar, Strilky CZ.We are still students. The learning process is Vidya. We are learning and studying many different things but we have to develop our Vidya into Gyana. One day we can lose everything or somebody can take … read more »
Price: 3.72€

Morning Satsang From Srilky

Morning Satsang with Swami Gajanandji
Price: 8.37€

We Cannot Deny Guru Principle

Yoga in Daily Life summer seminar, Strilky CZ.Everybody from whom we learn something is our teacher, our Guru. Our first teachers are our parents, school teachers, colleges and so on. Our spiritual and final teacher is Satgurudev. Who is a master? The Sanskrit … read more »
Price: 3.84€

Vajra Nadi

Yoga in Daily Life summer seminar, Strilky CZ.Only very rare literature exists about Vajra Nadi. Vajra means strong. Vajra is the weapon of king Indra. Indra is also called Vajrapani, in whose hand is the Vajra. If the Vajra Nadi is in our … read more »
Price: 3.35€

Dharma Is An Universal Principle

Yoga in Daily Life summer seminar, Strilky CZ.God does not belong to any particular religion. In ancient Vedic time the word religion did not exist even. There was only the Dharma. God does not divide, God sees all in oneness. The universal one, … read more »
Price: 2.52€

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