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Swamijis lecture about karma and spiritual purification from Brisbane
Price: 7.18€

Creating a healing environment

Lecture by Swamiji from Brisbane, Australia.
Price: 5.29€

Webcast from Brisbane

Satsang with Swamiji from Brisbane
Price: 4.33€

Shiv Maha Purana (4)

Shiv Maha Purana and bhajans from Vishwa Gurudeep Ashram, Jaipur.
Price: 16.29€

Purification of Karmas

Lecture by Swamiji from Brisbane, Australia.
Price: 4.93€

Shiv Maha Purana (3)

Shiv Maha Purana and bhajans from Vishwa Gurudeep Ashram, Jaipur.
Price: 15.28€

Meditation with Swamiji

Meditation with Swamiji, Sunshine coast
Price: 7.68€

Shiv Maha Purana (2)

Shiv Maha Purana and bhajans from Vishwa Gurudeep Ashram, Jaipur.
Price: 11.11€

Orange Color Has A Specific Meaning

The orange color has different meanings.It is the color of the dawn. When dawn rises, the consciousness awakes of all flowers, birds, animals and humans. In the evening it is the color of the sunset, the consciousness goes to sleep. Rising … read more »
Price: 6.21€

Shiv Maha Purana (1)

Shiv Maha Purana and bhajans from Vishwa Gurudeep Ashram, Jaipur.
Price: 15.53€

Eternal Path To The Divine

Satsang from Gold Coast.In reality there is no duality. We are all one as the light of the Supreme. We are all part of the cosmic Self. As individual soul are we coming again and again, developing more and … read more »
Price: 4.76€

The form and the formless

Satsang from Melbourne.Not only the body but also our mind and emotions are polluted and all that needs purification. With Hatha Yoga Kriyas we can clean our body. Pranayama and the very fine sound vibration of the Mantras … read more »
Price: 5.24€

Have A Feeling For Your Meditation

Satsang from Melbourne.It is said: When you are doing selfless work, the seva, God loves you, when you pray, God has a personal consultation with you, when you meditate, you are sitting in the heart or on the … read more »
Price: 5.47€

Paramyogeshwar Sri Devpuriji

Satsang from Melbourne.Sri Alakhpuriji Siddha Peeth Parampara is the lineage of great saints which origins are the Himalayas and they were directly connected to Lord Shiva. It is the occasion of the Mahasamadhi day of Sri Devpuriji that … read more »
Price: 5.02€

Meditation. Why, How And For What

Satsang from Melbourne.The light of God is in every form of the life. Because of pollution it is hidden. The light is ever ready to keep the darkness out. There are different filters and layers on our intellect … read more »
Price: 4.66€

All Is Creation Of Lord Shiva

Satsang from Jaipur.The month of Shravana is dedicated to Lord Shiva. All is the creation of Lord Shiva. There is only one light of one God which is in every entity. The earth with all his inhabitants is … read more »
Price: 3.68€

Humans Have Got The Freedom

Satsang from Jaipur.The human life has a lot of freedom. We have our rights, our intellect and in comparison to the animal life can we decide for ourselves. In one moment we have divine and good thoughts but … read more »
Price: 2.92€

Experiencing Gurupurnima

Satsang from Jadan.Various bhaktas from around the world, disciples of the Yoga in Daily Life system have taken part in the Gurupurnima festivities in Jadan Ashram in India. The day after they expressed their experiences which are messages … read more »
Price: 8.02€

Gurupurnima 2012 (2/2)

Gurupurnima program from Jadan
Price: 6.85€

Gurupurnima 2012 (1/2)

Webcast of evening satsang from Jadan, Ashram.Rajasthan. India.
Price: 4.02€

The Spiritual Path Is Not Easy

Evening satsang from Mexico.Swamiji speaks about some holy places in the Himalayas and those spiritual masters which belongs to the spiritual lineage of the Yoga in Daly Life system. This spiritual lineage is very old and goes back until … read more »
Price: 6.60€

Questions And Answers

Morning program from Mexico with Spanish translation.This morning session was dedicated for questions and answers. Various questions from the audience were asked regarding the ancestors, the influence of the ancestors and about the family and family life. For the ancestors and their … read more »
Price: 6.11€

Acknowledge Your Ancestors

Swamiji is warmly welcomed on his first visit in Mexico city.Not only in the very ancient Mexican culture but also in other cultures round the world, people where believing in natural religions. The ancient cultures where deeply connected to the families and ancestors. Nowadays this tradition … read more »
Price: 5.59€

Satsang from Alexandria

Satsang with Swamiji from Alexandria
Price: 4.91€

Renewing Our Spiritual Path

Renewing Our Spiritual Path
Price: 5.09€

Balancing Heart and Intellect

Program from Alexandria, USA.Heart and brain, this two makes the human. Intellect and emotion, both should be in balance. Without emotion we cannot live and without intellect we cannot fulfill our human dharma.There are also emotions which are not … read more »
Price: 6.11€

Wisdom And Science of Yoga

Program from Alexandria, USA.The science of Yoga is blessed by Lord Shiva. He is the creator of all divine energies, mantras, yogas and everything. Yoga practice is for the wellbeing of the human health. Physical, mental and social health … read more »
Price: 6.68€

The Spiritual Side of Yoga

Program from Alexandria, USA.Yoga itself, round and round is spiritual. There is no other side of Yoga. If we practice the authentic and ancient yoga exercises systematically including the meditations, then Yoga itself is spiritual. We have to understand … read more »
Price: 6.00€

Truth Is Unchangeable

Satsang from Alexandria, USA.Nothing is made forever. This world with everything in it is not permanent. Everything is changeable and what is changing is not the reality. The truth, the reality is unchangeable and it is the Brahman who … read more »
Price: 5.59€

Science Of Real Yoga

Satsang from New York, USA.The entire creation took place through the vibration of the sound OM. All creation is the light of the one Brahman. This is our Self, the Atman. The only difference between us is our body, our … read more »
Price: 6.33€

The Supreme Light Is Our Origin

Program from Vancouver.In the beginning was the sound, Nada. Atman is the light of the Supreme in every individual. Paramatman, we say also God, is omniscient and omnipresent everywhere in the universe. The light of Paramatman which is … read more »
Price: 4.13€

Yoga Is In Our Destiny

Program with Swamiji in Vancouver.Practicing yoga means realizing again the oneness with God. Yoga is the path to that oneness. All individuals have a different destiny. Our destiny takes us we don't know where, but according to our good or … read more »
Price: 6.48€

Practical Yoga Class

Program with Swamiji in Bay Area, California.Training of Khatu Pranam Yoga exercise series followed by a guided meditation. For top sport people is a healthy, balanced and vegetarian diet advisable. Since ancient times, in the Gurukuls, was sport and right nutrition a … read more »
Price: 6.79€

Akhiya Sataguru Carano Me Lagi

Satsang with Swamiji in Bay Area, California.Translation of Sri Madhavanandaji's bhajan. Bhajans are that songs where we have the highest teachings. We find the essence of Yoga in the bhajans. Satsang is the highest technique of Yoga where we learn about the … read more »
Price: 4.53€

Morning practice in Bay Area

Morning program with Swamiji in Bay Area, California. … read more »
Price: 7.64€

Working On Inner Happiness

Morning lecture from Yoga in Daily Life center in Bay Area, California.Yoga is the ancient wisdom for modern times. The knowledge and instructions of the great ancient saints, the Rishis, is still valid for our modern life. There are different basic conditions we need to fulfill in … read more »
Price: 8.52€

Water is Life

Evening satsang from Jadan Ashram, Rajasthan, India.
Price: 5.38€

Construction of the Talab

Water is Life, Presentation (German with English translation)
Price: 1.09€

Mantra Practice Is The Biggest Blessing

Morning program with Swamiji, Vep, Hungary.Sankalpa Shakti, the formative will, can only be developed if our words are pure and if we have not stored harmful thoughts against ourselves, against others or the outer world. After long time practicing Vak Suddhi … read more »
Price: 5.93€

Body, Mind And Soul In Vedanta Science

Morning Satsang with Swamiji from Vep, Hungary.A very special guest, H.E. Sri Gauri Shankarji Gupta, Ambassador of India to Budapest visited Swamji on the Yoga in Daily Life weekend retreat in Vep, Hungary. Besides Mr.Gupta‚Äôs service to the Indian Embassy is he … read more »
Price: 5.55€

Vak Siddhi Comes Through Mantra Japa

Evening program with Swamiji, Vep, Hungary.Many mantras are given to us to use in our everyday life. Practicing spirituality and mantra japa will awake the Anahata Chakra and we will attain the Vak Siddhi. Siddhi means a perfection and Vak means … read more »
Price: 8.67€

Five Levels Of Mantra Japa

Morning program with Swamiji, Vep, Hungary.The chanting of a mantra, the repetition of the Divine name is known as mantra japa. By repetition of the mantra gets the mind controlled. Yogic practices such as japa energize the vital force, stills the … read more »
Price: 2.74€

Mantra Is A Divine Language

Evening program with Swamiji, Vep, Hungary.It is the quality which makes a good or a bad human. If we bring the darkness into the light, the darkness will disappear. If we have Guru bhakti and the realization of Gurudev, then the … read more »
Price: 7.00€

Yoga Knowledge, Yoga Paths, Yoga Wisdom

Evening program with Swamiji from Bratislava, Slovakia.Yoga is a way of life. The science of Yoga was given by Lord Shiva for the wellbeing of humans. We have to know and to learn more about Mantra Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Bhakti … read more »
Price: 5.34€

OM Deep Jyoti

Evening program with Swamiji from Strilky.Deep is the lamp and jyoti is the flame. The flame is our wisdom. We keep our knowledge for the world to give the light to others. The light of good suggestion, the light of kindness, … read more »
Price: 5.70€

Principles Of Anusthana

Morning program with Swamiji from Strilky.Anusthana is a spiritual discipline involving the meditative repetition of the mantra for a period of time. There are basic rules for the anusthana which should be followed. By mantra japa, we can attain the peace … read more »
Price: 7.39€

The World Needs Spiritual Light

Evening program with Swamiji from Strilky.The world needs spiritual education. Spiritual educated is that one who understands the others pain and troubles. The world needs spiritual light and spiritual people. Spirituality is not a particular way of religion. Spirituality means purity. … read more »
Price: 5.46€

Life Is Full Of Desires

Program with Swamiji from Strilky.Our life is full of desires and that's why we are struggling. Mantra is that which can liberate us. When our mind is satisfied, then the mind can help us and become our best friend. Sometimes … read more »
Price: 8.10€

Mantra Has Many Meanings

Satsang with Swamiji from Strilky.Unless we do not understand the meaning we cannot realize. MAN is the mind and TRA means satisfaction. Our mind is mighty. He can destroy us or protect us. He can lead us to the hell … read more »
Price: 10.62€

Do The Inner Work

Goodbye Satsang with Swamiji from Strilky, Czech Republic.The entire universe is working. The planets, the nature, the five elements, the seasons and our body. Everything is constantly working and none of them have a resting day. It is one of the principles of … read more »
Price: 4.40€

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