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Yoga and Ayurveda

Public lecture with Vishwaguruji from Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic.Do we understand what life is? Veda (knowledge) was given in Satya Yuga. According to the Vedas, Upanishads, and Self-realized yogis, in the beginning there was empty, endless space, and only dark blue light. Space is … read more »
Price: 5.93€

The glory of Satsang

Satsang with Vishwaguruji from Guruji Ashram in Vienna, Austria.Thousands of our sins are purified if we are together with a sadhu, who is practicing continuously and has reached the perfection. In this Kali Yuga (Dark Age) the only hope is the satsang: being together … read more »
Price: 4.04€

How to find peace

Evening program with Vishwaguruji from Bratislava, Slovak Republic.Peace is within our heart. The first step towards peace is good health, and health depends on our nourishment. Practicing yoga keeps the mind balanced, without nervousness and anxiety. Chanting mantras is a direct way to … read more »
Price: 6.07€

Discover peace and happiness within you

Vishwaguru Maheshwarananda Public Lecture, Kosice, Slovak Republic.Vishwaguruji reveals the secrets of our birth. We come from the beautiful Universe with peace and happiness within. This kind of realization is awakened by practicing meditation.
Price: 6.44€

The aim of human life

Public lecture with Vishwaguruji from Martin, Slovakia.Yoga means uniting, harmonizing and balancing. Our earth is a living planet, in each and every cell of the body there is an immense amount of energy. The aim of the human life is to achieve … read more »
Price: 5.64€

Meditation can help us

Public lecture with Vishwaguruji from Poprad, Slovakia.Why don’t we have time? Why are we suffering from stress? And even more if we have more money? If we would practice yoga three hours a day we would have happy life. Meditation can help … read more »
Price: 8.56€

Yoga and meditation

Public lecture with Vishwaguruji from Banska Bystrica, Slovakia.Life is a journey. Meditation is the path to our aim. The roots of the mantra lie in the heart. The heart and the consciousness is pure, thoughts can be different. They create other quality in … read more »
Price: 6.41€

Meditation in Anandasana

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Spisska Nova Ves.In Self-inquiry Meditation we are searching for the door to get out of this worldly cage.
Price: 6.00€

The Holy Land

Satsang with Vishwaguru Maheshwarananda, Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.Vishwaguruji reveals knowledge about the Kumbha Mela. Mahamandaleshwars should look after all sadhus. Acharya is the head of all Mahamandaleshwars. India is the land, where Holy Saints are incarnating.
Price: 5.20€

Guru Tattva cleans everything

Full Moon Gurupoornima Satsang in Guruji Ashram with Vishwaguru Maheshwarananda, Vienna, Austria.There are impurities, ego and ignorance in us, that’s why we are doing mistakes. Because of this we should always surrender and ask for forgiveness. It’s easy to bow down but hard to surrender the heart.
Price: 4.87€

Develop your wisdom, do not steal

Satsang with Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.People are stealing many things in many ways recently. We should feed our intellect with love, in that way viveka, wisdom will come. Search for good society, search for satsang. Bad society is similar to gambling … read more »
Price: 4.87€

If you don’t accept, you will lose the chance

Satsang with Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.Words of the master are true. Sometimes we don’t understand, or do not accept. The doctor gives right medicine, however an injection is not pleasant. But it is good for us. If our quality is good … read more »
Price: 3.85€

Self-inquiry meditation

Satsang with Vishwaguruji, Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.There are different kinds of disturbances (vrittis) in the consciousness, for example worries from the outer world. If we blame others, we will never reach our aim. Nature is destroyed and food poisoned with chemicals. Meditation … read more »
Price: 4.98€

The center of the Divine Light

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Mahaprabhuji Ashram, Vienna, Austria.Mahaprabhuji Ashram is like the Sun in the sky, radiating light to the whole globe. This place is blessed and holy. Lucky are they who can come, have darshan and receive these divine energies. When the … read more »
Price: 3.58€
Price: 0.50€

We suffer because we left Nature

Satsang with Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.God has created everything sustainably on the Earth. We all were born in the garden of God with talents, abilities and knowledge. Our duty is to give these fruits forward. Brahman is the truth, there is … read more »
Price: 5.06€

Humans have the chance to get liberation

Satsang with Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.
Price: 5.14€

Spirituality doesn't change

Satsang with Vishwaguru Mahamandaleshwar Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda, Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.
Price: 3.37€

Importance of the Full Moon

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Vienna, Austria.The moon has a strong influence on our Earth. It creates a pleasant and cool atmosphere. For yoga practitioners it has a different meaning.The moon is connected with emotions. The mind is very much influenced by … read more »
Price: 2.52€

Be aware of the importance of your life!

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Vienna, Austria.The full moon affects us whether we are aware of it or not. We are searching for our aim, but we have many complications in this world. Finally we have to leave with empty hands. By … read more »
Price: 4.12€

Spiritual name is important

Morning satsang from Weekend Seminar in Vep, Hungary.A spiritual name should be given according to the proper constellation. Vishwaguruji explains how to use rudraksh for balancing our health.
Price: 3.70€


Evening satsang from Weekend Seminar in Vep, Hungary.If there is bhakti - devotion - in the heart, practice is succesful and spirituality grows.
Price: 4.89€

Culture gives us the human quality

Morning satsang from Weekend Seminar in Vep, Hungary.Culture has mighty power, like tolerance, forgiveness, respect. These are the blossoms of the cultures of different countries. Where there is a human, there is culture. It helps us to protect our dharma and reach self-realization. … read more »
Price: 4.77€

Shiva Tattva

Evening satsang from Vep, Hungary.In different periods of time there are different incarnations of the same God. The omnipresent God exists in every creature as Shiva Tattva. Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma play their own role time to time in the … read more »
Price: 3.43€

Blessing of Bhagwan Sri Deep Mahaprabhuji is everywhere

In rememberance of the Mahasamadhi of Bhagwan Sri Deep Narayan Mahapraphuji: Satsang with Vishwaguruji from Vienna.There are many Holy Incarnations present all over the earth in their nirguna form. Some personal feelings and experiences about that. Few people are obtaining complete realization. It is not easy to follow the words of … read more »
Price: 5.07€

Dreams are your reality

Evening satsang with Vishwaguru Maheshwarananda from Prague, Czech Republic.
Price: 3.58€

Mantra chanting makes you one with the divine

Satsang with Vishwaguru Maheshwarananda, Prague, Czech Republic.Vishwaguruji translates the peace mantra and explains it’s meaning. Don’t take yoga only as some physical exercise. Develop awareness, intellect which is full with devotion, love. That’s why we are practicing mantra and following Gurudev.
Price: 4.72€

The origin of the Science of Yoga

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Melbourne, Australia.Real love becomes stronger when there is physical distance. Study of Yoga-Vedanta philosophy makes our knowledge much deeper. Vishwaguruji explains the beginning of the universe as it happened billions of years ago.
Price: 4.96€

Procession to Shiva Temple

The Yatra (procession) from village Kachraas to Khatu Ashram for the inauguration of the new Shiva temple.
Price: 1.50€

Traditions of the life of a Sadhu

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Jadan Ashram, Rajasthan, India.There are different reasons why someone becomes a sadhu - a renunciate. If someone would like to get the spiritual knowledge from the Master this person should follow strict rules and surrender to the Master lifelong. … read more »
Price: 5.19€

Jadan Ashram sets an example

Evening satsang from Jadan Ashram, Rajasthan, India.Due to ignorance we are destroying nature, Mother Earth. Jadan Ashram sets an example of how to stop this destructive process and how to live in harmony with nature. Lecture by Swami Yogeshpuri.
Price: 4.75€

Kriya yoga

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Jadan Ashram, Rajasthan, India.The science of Yoga was given to this world by Mahadev Shiva. Yoga harmonizes body, mind and soul. It is the way to God. Kriya means activity. Space is endless, within it is energy - moving … read more »
Price: 4.06€

Bhajan singing

Evening satsang from Jadan Ashram, Rajasthan, India.Bhajan singing with Mahamandaleshwar Swami Jasrajpurjii.
Price: 2.88€

Day of happiness

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji on the occasion of Diwali from Jadan, Rajasthan, India.
Price: 5.08€

How to reach perfection

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Brisbane, Australia.In billions of people there are only rare saints. In order to develop that saintly quality the aspirant should become a devotee by following guruvakya. Vishwaguruji explains how yoga helps us to realize spirituality.
Price: 5.27€

Yoga is harmonizing energy

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Brisbane, Australia.Yoga is balancing energy and was already present at the beginning of the creation. To realize this we need guidance and proper learning. This worldly life is like a cave, and only Satgurudev will guide us … read more »
Price: 2.72€

Who will get liberation?

Satsang with Vishwaguruji from Sunshine Coast, Australia.Vishwaguruji explains how to live the divine life, with good thoughts and words. The nectar of immortality within us can be found in the nabhi, the navel. When kundalini awakens it means joy, happiness, calm and … read more »
Price: 4.69€

Vishwaguruji in New Zealand Parliament

Following many speakers Vishwaguruji gives a short talk in Parliament in New Zealand.
Price: 6.72€

Yoga leads to the healthy way of life

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Raumati Beach, New Zealand.Yoga is the best for physical, mental and social health of humans. Yoga is not a part of any religion. It means happiness, harmony, peace, love and good health. Guru has the stick of dharma. Our … read more »
Price: 4.41€


Evening satsang from Wellington, New Zealand.Vishwaguruji tells some stories about the devotion of Sri Hanumanji. Where there is devotion between disciple and the guru, there is guru kripa (grace), and daya (mercy) of the guru as well.
Price: 2.61€

Webcast from Wellington

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Wellington, New Zealand.
Price: 5.56€

Evening Yoga practice with Vishwaguruji

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Wellington, New Zealand.
Price: 6.98€

How to control diabetes

Evening practice and satsang with Vishwaguruji from Raumati Beach, New Zealand.It is good to know some kind of exercises against diabetes. Through movements, nourishment and environment we are able to control this illness. Practicing with Vishwaguruji.
Price: 5.17€

Remembering Mahatma Gandhiji

Morning program with Vishwaguruji from Wellington, New Zealand.There is no way to peace, peace is the way. The whole world is one family. Mankind has destroyed the whole Earth and there is only one way to come back: Love each and every living … read more »
Price: 8.66€

The fire can keep us healthy

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Raumati Beach, New Zealand.Our life is mainly unnatural - seeds and foods, dairy products are manipulated. This causes diabetes and other illnesses. By practicing yoga we can strengthen the digestive fire, and this fire can keep us healthy.
Price: 5.65€

Strengthening the fire

Lecture with Vishwaguruji from Wellington, New Zealand.Vishwaguruji explains the meaning of Agni and how to practice agnisar kriya - a useful exercise to remedy diabetes, as well as clean the blood and the joints.
Price: 3.00€

Yoga exercises against diabetes

Yoga practice with Vishwaguruji from Wellington, New Zealand, for treatment of diabetes - to improve the health of the pancreas and liver.
Price: 5.00€

God is dwelling in each and every entity

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Wellington, New Zealand.Language can confuse us, but God is in everyone and is everywhere. Vishwaguruji explains the meaning of Yoga and Sanatan Dharma as the uniting principle - using the symbols of waves and the ocean.
Price: 3.46€

Cosmic energy

Evening satsang with Vishwaguruji from Auckland, New Zealand.Prana means energy, it is the source of our life. There is the more physical aspect of prana such as oxygen, and a finer aspect which is cosmic energy. There are three principles to protect cosmic … read more »
Price: 6.49€


Morning excercise from Auckland, New Zealand.Practicing vajrasan and shoulder circling with Vishwaguruji.
Price: 2.77€

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