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Avatar is a divine incarnation

Everything has to come through one of the four ways to the world.Either in the form of the seed, as bacteria, through eggs, human or animal birth. Only God Shiva is an exception. He is not born, He manifested himself out of the Nada, the Jiva Jyoti. That … read more »
Price: 9.26€

Satsang with MM Swami Jasrajpuriji and Swami Gajanandji

Satsang from Strilky with MM Swami Jasrajpuriji and Swami Gajanandji
Price: 10.27€

Siddhis are supernatural powers

Translating Sri Satguru Chalisa, Swamiji comes also to the explanation of Siddhis, the supernatural powers.Siddhis are natural milestones on the path of the yogi. Further spiritual development is parallel with growing control over the material and spiritual worlds. As a matter of principle one should never aspire for siddhis, nor … read more »
Price: 6.08€

Reincarnation is a question of Karma

Reincarnation means changing the form.Reincarnation means, according to our Karmas, we go through different experiences and take upon us different coats. Reincarnation is decided on our last thought when we leave the body. It depends on our last thought where … read more »
Price: 6.57€

Happiness is within us

Humans would like to achieve salvation.We all are searching for happiness. No one would like to be unhappy. Many people look good from outside but inside they are empty. Inside is suffering and no direction of life. We have to get … read more »
Price: 6.16€

Long run surrender is essential

Swami Premanandji shares with us a yogic- philosophical reflection about humanity, the human life and the human spiritual development.Who are we in reality? The longing to know the answer, is the motor which let us do so many different things in life, to figure out our borders. Finally, after a longtime search are we … read more »
Price: 4.10€

How Guru works with disciple

Evening satsang from Strilky.MM Swami Jasrajpuriji talks about his experiences how Swamiji worked with Him as a disciple.
Price: 4.33€

Practicing Pranayama Techniques

Prana means breath, ayam means to control, to regulate.Pranayama is the conscious and deliberate control and regulation of the breath. With each breath we absorb not only oxygen, but also Prana. Prana is cosmic energy. The power in the Universe that creates, preserves and … read more »
Price: 5.88€

The power of the spiritual name

Every name has a deep meaning.The given name by our parents is according to their state of mind. Many times the model of famous people are used. Also the family name is not given by chance. This is Karma. Every name … read more »
Price: 2.82€

Yoga and Physiotherapy

Physiotherapist Ambadevi shows detailed in theory and praxis, how to use Yoga exercises in a therapeutic way.What is the value of Yoga for a therapeutic situation, according to the system Yoga in Daily Life, founded by Paramhans Sri Swami Maheshwarananda.Swamiji created a very unique system which is proofed and acknowledged by different … read more »
Price: 5.59€

Satsang with MM Swami Jasrajpuriji and Swami Gajanandji

Satsang from Strilky with MM Swami Jasrajpuriji and Swami Gajanandji Bhajan singing and short explanation how to keep mind calm. … read more »
Price: 6.77€

Be ready for every moment

Evening Satsang with Swami Jasraj Puriji in Strilky 15/08/2011.Every moment in our life is precious. Sadhana means also to be prepared for the moment. The qualities which we have, are too hard to let us turn around. They are so deep inside us and … read more »
Price: 1.09€

To be independent

Evening satsang in the occasion of Gurudev's Birthday What means independency to you? Many people where witnessing several wars.The ambition to fight is in any human and animals too. When the human gets the ambition to fight for position, for money and creating or awakening cruel thoughts, to kill or damage properties, that means, … read more »
Price: 7.47€

Jay Sri Maheshwaranandji Maharaj - Bhajan

Morning lecture with Swami Jasraj Puriji and Swami Gajanandji 15/08/2011 in Strilky Ashram.This day is very special because the Indian independency is celebrated in whole India and it is also Swamiji's birthday. Holy Guruji wrote one bhajan 1999 when he visited Strilky. This bhajan - Jay Sri Maheshwaranandji … read more »
Price: 6.52€

Indian Independence Day

Cultural program organized in the occasion of the Indian Independence Day in Jadan Asram 15/08/2011.Swamiji, guests of honor, teachers, children, the Ashram community and many visitors are celebrating the Indian independence day in Om Vishwa Deep Gurukul Swami Maheshwarananda Ashram, Education and Research Center in Rajasthan, India. A beautiful program … read more »
Price: 19.05€

There is a way to become free

Jivatman is tight in his own phenomena, the body.On the day when we free ourselves from the bondage ,we are not Jivatman anymore but Atman. There is a way to become free - surrender. In Bhagavad-Gita Krishna said to Arjuna: Give up everything and … read more »
Price: 6.47€

Raksha Bandhan Festival

Raksha Bandhan or Rakhi Purnima is a festival which celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters.The central ceremony involves the tying of a rakhi (sacred thread) by a sister on her brother's wrist. This symbolizes the sister's love and prayers for her brother's well-being, and the brother's lifelong vow to protect … read more »
Price: 5.78€

How to be happy

Evening satsang from Jadan Ashram with some electric failures but good sound.Sadhvi Shanti remembers her Sannyas Diksha in Kailash Ashram 20 years ago. Thursday is the day, dedicated to the Guru, the masters. The bhajan -OM Brahma Shiva Alakha Anadi- composed by Holy Guruji, describes the Guru … read more »
Price: 4.74€

Let's look within ourselves

Evening satsang from Jadan Ashram.We are observing the surface of the life. We are looking to the outer life of every individual. Now we go within ourselves and have a look what is there. How far we are, what we … read more »
Price: 3.72€

Realize your relation

How does spirituality influence our life? Religion is Sanatana Dharma.Sanatana means: part of you, relative, belonging. Dharma means principle, what you adopt, what you accept. Religion means relation to the cosmic one. To realize your relation becomes religion. Spirituality is that which you will follow. … read more »
Price: 4.64€

Vibrations are expressions of sound

Swamijis guest, Dr Gulab Kothari is an expert in Vedic Sciences and Philosophy.He concludes his lecture series in Jaipur Ashram with the topic on Nada – the sound. Dr Gulabji starts with that point when there was nothing on this earth and in the universe. What was there … read more »
Price: 6.05€

Giving is a part of your life

Lecture series in Jaipur Ashram with Swamijis guest, Dr Gulab Kothari, an expert in Vedic Sciences and Philosophy.In our life we should practice to give and not to take.If taking something, no one remembers us. We remember always those people which gave us something. To give means, to give something which belongs to … read more »
Price: 9.38€

Evening satsangs from Jaipur Ashram

Evening satsang from Jaipur Ashram, Rajasthan, India.Lectures by Swamiji and by Sri Gulab Kotari. Questions and answers. Life is perfect but we create conflict. If you have firm commitment, you are going to reach your aim.
Price: 7.82€

Evening satsang from Strilky with Swamiji and Avatarpuriji

Avatarpuriji reads mantras, Swamiji about consciousness and unconsciousness
Price: 4.06€

Evening satsang in Novo mesto, Slovenia, Swamiji, swami Premanand, Swami Avatarpuriji

Swamiji about blood donation, Red Cross; swami Premanand about his India mission; Avatarpuriji about Ram
Price: 9.02€

Weekend satsang in Novo mesto with Swamiji, Slovenia

20 years in Slovenia, succeses of YIDL, healthy life, incarnations, avatars.
Price: 7.87€

Evening satsang in Strilky ashram garden, disciples about Swamiji, Swamiji

Disciples from different countries are speaking about Swamiji's benefit to them, swami Chidanand compares with GPS, Swamiji
Price: 12.59€

Life is a big journey

Lecture series in Jaipur Ashram with Swamijis guest, Dr Gulab Kothari, an expert in Vedic Sciences and Philosophy.Do we know who we are? Do we know how the life really works? How do we work in the life? We are lead by our desires. If there are desires in the heart, then the … read more »
Price: 7.04€

Satsang with Swamiji, Jaipur

Live webcast of evening satsang from Jaipur Ashram, Rajasthan, India.
Price: 3.97€

Practice, practice, practice

Evening satsang with Swamiji from Jaipur
Price: 6.23€

Satsang on the occasion of Sri Devpuriji Mahasamadhi

Satsang with Swamiji on the occasion of Sri Devpurijis Mahasamadhi from Kailash Ashram, Rajasthan, India.Replay from 1st August 2011 recordings.
Price: 19.45€

20 years of YIDL in Slovenia

Celebration of 20 years of organized practice according to the system of Yoga in daily life in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Price: 15.85€

Evening satsang in Strilky ashram with Swamiji and Sadhvi Shanti Puriji

Swamiji's introduction of Sadhvi Shanti Puriji and her humanitarian projects in India
Price: 9.03€

Swamiji's public lecture in Brno, CZ

Swamijis lecture with subject "Yoga in daily life and selfrealization", questions and answers
Price: 8.95€

World Peace Summit in Wellington, NZ

7th World Peace Summit titled "Climate Change - What to do?" in New Zealands capital Wellington … read more »
Price: 31.62€

Morning lecture from Strilky with Swamiji

How to understand and improve spirituality and balance the inner changes
Price: 10.61€

Morning lecture with physiotherapist Hemlata from Strilky, Czech rep.

Physiotherapist Hemlata explains anatomy and problems with head, neck and cervical spine
Price: 4.97€

Live webcast from Martin, Slovakia

Live webcast of morning satsang with Swami Jasraj Puri from city of Martin, Slovakia.
Price: 6.36€

Recognizing the Guru

Satsang with Swami Gajanandji and Swami Jasraj Puriji, Strilky We are very quick to judge everything.It is not easy to understand the acts of the Guru. We do not know what all is behind of that. The Guru can transform the disciple. When the Guru gives you a really hard time, … read more »
Price: 8.66€

Morning hours are golden hours

How you begin your day, like that will be rest of the day.That is it, why Yogis start their day early, to get the whole benefit. Swamiji gives very practical advises, how to start a day in a yogic way and how to live a practical life with … read more »
Price: 6.60€

The Path of Bhakti and Guru Seva

Satsang with Swami Niranjan Puri, Jadan Ashram, India.According to Indian tradition and scriptures, there are certain rules for the attitudes of the disciple, how to show respect and devotion towards the master. Every Bhakta has his meaningful experiences, his own real story with … read more »
Price: 6.18€

Special periods of Shravan Mas

Evening satsang with Swamiji, Jadan Ashram India Shravan Mas is one of the holiest Hindu months and is dedicated to Lord Shiva.The Shravan month is filled with auspicious days and numerous rituals are observed in the month. Each and every day during the Shravan Mas has some significance. All Mondays are the most important days in the … read more »
Price: 4.15€

The best quality is to give

Bhaktas of the Jadan Ashram are sharing their experiences of the festivities which where celebrated during the last days and nights in the Ashram.Sadhvi Shanti speaks about our Holy Mataji. Sadhvi Punyanand Puriji's final celebration, her loving nature and her simple way of living. Sadhvi Mantrapuri opens a window to the Gurupurnima celebration and the brilliant light of Gurudev. … read more »
Price: 5.95€

Gurupurnima celebration 2011/ Part 7

Evening satsang from Jadan Ashram.Expression of gratitude towards the teacher from disciples.
Price: 5.53€

Antyeshthi in honor of Holy Mataji Part 5

Vedic, traditional and ancient Antyeshthi, the last ceremony after the dead in honor of Holy Mataji, Sadhvi Punyanand Puri Ji, is performed on Matajis Samadhi place.Numerous Vedic mantras are chanted by the Pandits. Parikrama literally means, the path surrounding something in context to religious deities in a temple, sacred rivers, sacred hills and so on. Doing a parikrama as a symbol … read more »
Price: 4.46€

Antyeshthi in honor of Holy Mataji Part 3

Speeches of many Indian honorable guests.Honoring the mother in general and particularly Holy Mataji, Sadhvi Punyanand Puri Ji, in Hindi language. Swami Premanandji sais: today something comes to an end but every end is a new beginning. On this auspicious day … read more »
Price: 10.49€

Antyeshthi in honor of Holy Mataji Part 2

It is the Hindu tradition that every festival is celebrated with bhajan singing during the whole night until the morning.Bhajans are expressions of the divine, the truth, bhakti, devotion and they contain the wisdom of the saints. Countless bhajans where sung during this night in honor of Holy Mataji.Sadhvi Punyanand Puri Ji Maharaj Ki Jay
Price: 11.92€

Antyeshthi in honor of Holy Mataji Part 1

Samskaras are the turning points of life and they are celebrated in Hindu tradition.Celebrations are very important ingredients of Samskaras. They directly or indirectly involve our respected elders,scholars, near and dear ones. Samskaras are great, time-tested tools in our traditional systems which help carve out a great personality. The … read more »
Price: 9.56€

Recognizing the Guru

Morning program with swami Jasraj, Strilky Ashram, Czech Republic.We are very quick to judge everything. It is not easy to understand the acts of the Guru. We do not know what all is behind of that. The Guru can transform the disciple. When the … read more »
Price: 8.65€

What is inside we do not know

Evening satsang with Swamiji, Jadan Ashram, India This soul, the Jivatman came to this world according to the past karmas, the destiny.It is that destiny which plays the game with the soul, what the soul is experiencing. All kind of happenings in this life, pleasant and unpleasant. Blessed are they which came to this planet and where … read more »
Price: 13.01€

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